Swimming Workout of the Week - July 25, 2014

Jul 25, 2014
Swimming Workout of the Week - July 25, 2014

While Coach is away at championships, here’s a swim workout that will keep the entire team on the same sendoff, yet working at their usual level.

Entire team swims together as a group.  On each swim, you can travel as far or as little as you want, but leave enough time after each swim to get some rest before the next swim.  Swim straight through with no extra breaks between the segments.  Everything is choice of stroke and equipment.  Mix things up with some kicking, sculling, drilling. Here’s a link to some great breaststroke drills that will keep things interesting.   Set takes 43-44 minutes.

1 swim on 7:00  (Swim as far as you can/want in 7 minutes, allowing some time to rest at the end.)

4 swims on 1:45

1 swim on 6:00

4 swims on 1:40

1 swim on 5:00

4 swims on 1:15

1 swim on 4:00

4 swims on :40

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