Swimming Workout of the Week - October 31, 2014

Oct 29, 2014
Swimming Workout of the Week - October 31, 2014

Scary Halloween set for breaststrokers this week.

WARMUP:  700
400 choice easy
200 easy breaststroke kick in various positions (front, back, arms up/down, etc.)
100 breaststroke at moderate pace with a Tempo Trainer to see what kind of cadence you handle (adjust as necessary).  Most swimmers will be in the 1.50 to 1.90 range (e.g., the TT will beep every 1.5 seconds, and you try to take one stroke cycle per beep).

MAIN SET:  1800
8 X 225 with FINIS Tempo Trainer at your chosen setting
#1-3 on a sendoff/turnaround that gives approximately 40 seconds rest after your first 225 (e.g., if your first 225 was 4:00, your sendoff for the first 3 X 225 should be 4:40).
#4-5; add 10 seconds to your original sendoff
#6-8; add another 10 seconds to your sendoff
Goals:  Descend your time throughout the set.  Swim to the beep of your Tempo Trainer.
Swim each 225 as follows:
25 breast kick on your back
25 breast with an extra kick
25 breast kick on your back
25 pulse breast
25 breast kick on your back
25 breaststroke
25 breast kick on your back
50 breaststroke

By doing this set with a Tempo Trainer, you will quickly discover that the only way you can descend your time is to figure out a way to do each length in fewer strokes (or kicks) or to get faster on your turns…or a combination of all three.

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