Swimming Workout of the Week - September 12, 2014

Sep 12, 2014
Swimming Workout of the Week - September 12, 2014

Is your coach at the ASCA Clinic this week?  If so, this week’s set will keep everyone on the same sendoff/turnaround.

MAIN SET:  1600 or 2000 or 2400 or ???
Do the set as a group.  Wear fins if necessary to make the sendoffs while still leaving some time for recovery.

Swim four rounds of the following, with no extra breaks between rounds.  Everything is choice of equipment and choice of stroke or IM.  Just make the sendoffs!  This set was written for SCY and for masters.  Most of Barbara’s masters swimmers were able to swim 200 yards on the 3:40 sendoff, although some did 150 and others did 250.

1 X 100 kick on 2:20
2 “swims” of any distance on 3:40; descend your time 1-2.

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