Top Ten Things I'm Thankful for This Year

Nov 24, 2004
Top Ten Things I'm Thankful for This Year

1.  First and foremost, I'm thankful that I am healthy and able-bodied enough to swim. I know many people who are not lucky in this regard, and who are not able to experience the feeling of freedom that swimming can bring.


2.  My Mom, who drove me miles and miles to swim practice every day, and my Dad, who was and is supportive of all my swimming endeavors.

3.  My husband, who likes the smell of chlorine and who understands what swimming and coaching mean to me, and who encourages me to GO SWIM as much as possible (the best is when he swims with me).

4.  I am thankful that I work with such gifted and supportive colleagues who inspire me to dream, reach, and swim -- always a little farther (and faster) than I thought possible.

5. In particular, I am thankful to work with Glenn, just because he's Glenn, but also because he has enabled me to work with some of the most gifted swimmers on the planet. I have one of the all-time best jobs anyone could have.

6.  I'm thankful for all the friends I have made through this sport. The older I get, the more I realize that some of my closest and most long-lasting friendships are with people I've met through swimming. This year, I've been swimming (and running) quite a lot with people who were my teammates when I was 9 years old! I've also met many wonderful new friends through our swim clinics, through coaching, and through going to Masters swim meets with the New England Masters group.

7.  I am thankful for high-speed Internet. It allows Glenn and Judd and me to work together even though we live hundreds of miles apart, and allows us to provide online swimming video to swimmers all over the world.

8.  I am thankful for anyone who builds and operates a swimming pool, especially if they open at 5:30 in the morning!

9.  I am thankful to all the swimmers (and non-swimmers) with whom I've had a chance to work this year. Having the opportunity to work with you and to see your progress (and to see you smile in goggles) is what motivates and inspires me.

10.  I am thankful to all the swimmers out there who have found our site and who share our love of swimming -- and who keep us in business!

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