Turns - Freestyle Flip Turn Step #2

May 18, 2007
Turns - Freestyle Flip Turn Step #2

Here's Step #2 in our 5-step sequence for learning the flip turn. Even if you already know how to flip, this drill is fun and will reinforce the key skill of using your abs rather than your hands to initiate the flip.


Why Do It:

In Step #1, you used a Styrofoam noodle to help master an important skill: flipping STRAIGHT OVER on your flip turn.

In Step #2, you'll again use a noodle. this time to learn how to flip without using your hands and arms to get around.

Here's what you're aiming for as the final result, a flip turn where you use your abs rather than your arms to get around. If you can keep your arms out of the equation, they'll be ready to help your STREAMLINE when your feet hit the wall.

How To Do It:

1. Stand in the shallow end, just inside the flags and facing the wall.

2. Put the noodle BEHIND you and hold on to it at both ends. Make sure your arms are extended behind you, with the elbows locked.

3. Take a big breath, put your face in the water, and kick toward the wall. Keep your arms extended behind you.

4. When you get about 2 feet from the wall (or when you see the black "T" on the bottom of the pool), do a straight-over somersault.

When you somersault, don't do ANYTHING with your arms. Just hang onto the noodle and flip STRAIGHT OVER.

If you do this correctly, your arms should be above your head when your feet hit the wall and you can just push off. Don't worry about getting a big pushoff. All you need to do is go straight over and have the noodle above your head when your feet hit the wall.

If you're too close or too far away from the wall, simply adjust the point at which you initiate your flip.


If you have trouble with the drill, try it with two pull buoys. The pull buoys have more flotation than the noodle, and will imprint the feeling of WEIGHTLESS hands as you flip.

Don't try to set any speed records on this drill. Just keep everything relaxed and easy. Go straight over, and your hands should be RIGHT THERE waiting for you.

Have fun with Step #2,and stay tuned for Step #3.

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