Turns - Freestyle Flip Turn Step #4

Jun 1, 2007
Turns - Freestyle Flip Turn Step #4

Here's Step #4 in our 5-step sequence for learning the flip turn.


Why Do It:

Let's take a look at where we're headed. This young swimmer is executing a flip turn with WEIGHTLESS hands. She takes a final pull into the wall and then her hands do NOTHING, except get ready for a streamlined pushoff.

In Step #3, you approached the wall with your hands trailing behind you. This was to keep you relaxed, and to MAKE SURE that you didn't use your hands to get around.

Now, in Step #4, you can begin to add JUST A LITTLE BIT of speed going into the wall. Here's how to do it...

How To Do It:

1. Push off in the shallow end with arms extended and eyes looking down.

2. Pull back with one arm... then pull back with the OTHER arm and kick head first into a STRAIGHT-OVER somersault.

This is just like Step #3, but you're adding a bit of speed by pulling back with your arms.

3. After the second pull, SLIDE into your tuck, go straight over, and DON'T USE YOUR ARMS.

4. As you initiate the flip, your arms should be weightless and at your sides. As you finish the flip, your arms should be poised just above your head, ready to go into a tight streamline as soon as your feet hit the wall.

5. Push off on your back in streamline.

Here's the sequence again. Push off with both arms extended. Pull back with one arm, then pull back with the other arm and kick head first into your tuck.

Stay relaxed, and focus on weightless hands.

If you're too close to the wall, or too far away as this swimmer is

Adjust how soon, or how hard, you make your final pull.

If you want to add a fine point to do this really well, look for your KNEES as you SOMERSAULT. By looking for your knees, you'll stay in a tighter tuck, and will flip FASTER with less effort.

Keep practicing at a nice, easy pace, and stay tuned for Step #5.

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