Unconventional - Happy Feet

Jul 27, 2007
Unconventional - Happy Feet

It's official. Alpha fins are back in stock at www.zura.com. Here's a fun drill to celebrate the occasion-or to celebrate a great finish at the Lake Placid Ironman. Nice going, Tom!

Why Do It:
Happy Feet makes for happy swimmers. This kick set is a great way to end practice because it's different, it's social, and it encourages interaction between the fast swimmers and the not-so-fast swimmers on your team.

How To Do It:

Put on your Zura Alphas and head to the deep end. (Swimmers can go with naked feet if they want a tougher workout.)

Divide the team into circles of three or four or more swimmers and throw a medicine ball to one of the swimmers in the group.

Tom Drum's Back-It Balls are excellent for this drill. You could also use a 10-pound rubber 'brick' like the ones they use in lifeguard class.

One swimmer holds the ball above the surface of the water for 5 seconds, then passes it to the next swimmer. Continue to count and pass the ball for 5 minutes.

How To Do It Really Well (the Fine Points):
Swimmers will try to use all kinds of flutter kicks during this drill.

What you DON'T want is a flutter kick that looks like this - like you're riding a bicycle. What you DO want is a flutter kick that looks like you are swimming freestyle, keeping your legs long and supple. To do this, you need to tighten your abs and kick from the hips and thighs, and not from the knees.

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