UV Rays IM Main Set

Apr 1, 2008
UV Rays IM Main Set

WARMUP:  400

4 X 25 freestyle with fins
#1:  Sight once during the length
#2:  Sight twice
#3:  Sight 3X
#4:  Sight 4X

MAIN SET:  2200/1650/1100
Lanes 4 & 5 swim four rounds of the following.
Lanes 2 & 3 swim three rounds.
Lane 1 swim two rounds and fins are OK throughout.
Try to get in and out of your fins as quickly as possible, so you can keep moving through the set.

1 X 250 drill IM with fins on approx. 30 seconds rest
Drills are: 
FL:  2L/2R
BK: 2L/2R
BR:  Pulse Breast, breathe every other pulse
FR:  2L/2R
Then finish with 50 of swim (your choice of stroke)

1 X 100 IM on approx. 25 seconds rest

2 X 50 (FL/BK...BR/FR) on approx. 20 seconds rest

4 X 25 IM order on approx. 10 seconds rest
Lanes 1, 2 & 3 can wear fins on the 25s.

WARMDOWN:  200 or 300 depending on time.

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