UV Rays IM Set

Aug 16, 2007
UV Rays   IM Set

THURSDAY 08/16/07WARMUP: 400KICK SET: 2004 X 50 – breast kick on your stomach on the way down, flutter kick on your back on the way backMAIN SET: 1600Lanes 2, 3, 4, and 5 do the entire set, but decide within your lane if you want to do all of it or part of it with fins.Lane 1 should eliminate the first round of the 4 rounds, and you can wear fins.1 X 100 Free4 X 25 IM order1 X 100 Back1 X 100 Breast1 X 100 Free1 X 75 Free4 X 25 IM order1 X 75 Back1 X 75 Breast1 X 75 Free1 X 50 Free4 X 25 IM order1 X 50 Back1 X 50 Breast1 X 50 Free1 X 25 Free1 X 100 IM1 X 25 Back1 X 100 IM1 X 25 Breast1 X 100 IM1 X 25 FreeWARMDOWN: Depending on how much time you have:1 X 200 pull or 2 X 200 pull

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