UV Rays Masters 1st Practice After 50 Days of NO POOL

Sep 19, 2006
UV Rays Masters  1st Practice After 50 Days of NO POOL

Our pool has been closed for renovation for 50 LONG days. Some team members have been swimming in open water, some have been swimming a little bit at other pools, but most have not been swimming much at all. So this practice is designed just to get back in and starting moving again -- getting a feel for the water while staying in the aerobic range. It uses lots of equipment and lots of different strokes and movements. Everyone did Shoulder Exercises 1-2-3 and Shoulder Exercises 4-5-6 before they got in the water. Don't worry about doing the entire practice. Just do as many sets as you have time for, and don't push anything. The main focus is EXHALING. Whenever you feel a little stressed or tense...just exhale and try to relax your breathing.The faster swimmers did the full 200 on each set of the workout. The beginner lanes did 150 or even 100 of each set.WARMUP: Shoulder Exercises 1-2-3-4-5-6#1: Fins200 on your stomach, alternating Head-Lead Dolphin and Hand-Lead Dolphin by 50Focus: Steady Body Rhythm & Exhale#2: Fins200 alternating Head-Lead Flutter and Hand-Lead Flutter by 50Focus: Keep head steady as you rotate side to side.#3: Nekked200 breast kick on your back alternating head lead and hand lead by 50Focus: FINISH each kick and point your toes#4: Pull buoy200 freestyle pull breathing every 2…every 3 Focus: Exhale!#5: Fins8 X 25 with 4 bobs between each 25On each 25: Start with 4 to 6 FAST underwater dolphins on your back then transition to flutter kick as you are about to break out. Use a single pull of backstroke to get through the breakout, then continue kicking EASY (EZ) flutter (with one arm up and one at your side) to the end of the 25.Focus: FAST dolphins and SMOOTH transition from dolphin to flutter.#6: Pull buoy200 alternating flutter kick on back and backstroke pull by 25Focus: point your toes on the kick/wide entry on the pull#7: NekkedHand-Lead Breast Kick on your stomach EXCEPT THAT 3rd length of each 100 is eggbeater kickFocus: Streamline after each kick, and exhale.#8: Nekked4 X 50 relaxed free on sendoff that gives you ~ :20 restFocus: Hide your head and exhale! #9: Fins200 each length is 2L/2R fly (one cycle) finish with hand-lead dolphinFocus: Straight-arm recovery on 2L/2R fly #10: Fins200 continuous 2L/2R backstroke…EXCEPT: Start each length with at least 3 UW dolphin kicks then transition into flutter for the breakout.Focus: Smooth transition from dolphin to flutter for the breakout#11: Pull buoy200 alternating head-lead breast kick on your back and whole-stroke breast by 25Focus: Touch heels to fingertips on the kick…hold your streamline and EXHALE on the whole-stroke breast.#12: Pull buoy4 X 50 on ~ :15 RIOdds: Alternate 3 strokes right-arm free no breath…3 strokes left-arm free no breath (non-working arm is out front)Evens: Freestyle breathe every 3Focus: Exhale!#13: Fins200 alternating Head-Lead Dolphin on Back and Hand-Lead Dolphin on Back by 25#14: Fins200 IM: 3L/2R on all strokes (even freestyle)Focus: Exhale#15: Pull buoy200 alternating 25 breast pull (breathe every other stroke) and 25 freestyle pull (breathe every 3)Focus: Exhale#16: Fins4 X 50 @ ~ :15 RI1st 25 of each 50 is flutter kick on your back2nd 25 of each 50 is EZ freestyle Focus: Long strokes. Relax. Exhale.Total Yardage: 3200 if you do all 16 setsSend Page to a Friend

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