UV Rays Masters 200 with Different Equipment

Jun 5, 2007
UV Rays Masters  200 with Different Equipment

WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 4 X 25 freestyleOdds: Sight every stroke.Evens: Eyes closed.KICK SET: 2004 X 50 (breast with an extra kick going down…breast kick on your back coming back)MAIN SET #1: 1200Twice through the following:1 X 200 free nekked1 X 200 free with paddles and pull buoy1 X 200 free with finsOn each 200, the pattern is:25 breathe every 525 breathe every 425 breathe every 350 flutter kick on your back75 breathe as much as your want but build to fast on the final 25Change equipment quickly. Rest interval is 30 to 45 seconds. Keep track of your times and try to swim the second round faster than the first round.100 EZ choiceMAIN SET #2: Depending on how much time you have…4 X 25 IM order or8 X 25 IM order or12 X 25 IM order or16 X 25 IM orderFins or no fins – your choice by lane.WARMDOWN: 200 your choice

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