UV Rays Masters 200s with Underwaters

May 31, 2007
UV Rays Masters  200s with Underwaters

WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 freestyle, sighting at least 3 times each lengthMAIN SET #1 FOR MOOSEMEN & WOMEN: 500500 very moderate freestyle pull, breathing every 3. Just settle into a pace where you can sustain this breathing pattern.MAIN SET #2 FOR MOOSEMEN & WOMEN: 100010 X 100 freestyle on a rest interval that is approx. ½ your swim timeFirst 12.5 yards of each 100 is speed burst, then settle into your sustainable pace for race day. The speed burst will simulate race-day conditions where you tend to go a little too fast at the start, then settle into a pace.MAIN SET #1 FOR NON MOOSEMEN: 1000 + 200Swim four rounds of the following:1 X 200 descend time 1 to 41 X 50 build, your choice of stroke.The 200s are freestyle, with “traveling” 25s, meant to tax you aerobically.The traveling 25s are underwater breaststroke kick with arms in streamline. Try to take at least 2 or 3 kicks under water, come up for a couple of breast strokes to get air, then go back under.First 200, the 25s are 1st and 5th lengths.Second 200, the 25s are 2nd and 6th lengths.Third 200, the 25s are 3rd and 7th lengths.Fourth 200, the 25s are 4th and 8th lengths.200 dolphin kick or breaststroke kick (fins OK on dolphin kick)MAIN SET #2 FOR NON MOOSEMEN: 8008 X 100 IM with fins on sendoff that gives approx. 30 seconds restOdds: SA = Fly/Breast Combo LA = Back or Free as usualEvens: SA = Fly or Breast as usual LA = 4 Back/3 Free ComboWARMDOWN: 200 EZ

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