UV Rays Masters Aerobic Pull, Sprints @ the End

Nov 6, 2007
UV Rays Masters  Aerobic Pull, Sprints @ the End

Many on the team will be doing the 800 free at championships in December, so wanted to do a test drive today.WARMUP: 400KICK SET: 2004 X 50 breaststroke with an extra kick going down…breast kick on your back coming backMAIN SET: 800 + 100800 freestyle pull (lanes 4 & 5 do 900), breathing at B+1 (your normal breathing pattern plus 1 stroke)Stay in the aerobic zone for this swim. Hunker down and hold the breathing pattern.Choose something to hold your focus, e.g., streamline off the walls, distance off the walls, high-elbow catch, pointing your toes.100 EZ kick with fins to recoverMAIN SET #2: 800With fins. Four times through the following. On the pulse breast, breathe every 4 pulses on the first one, every 3 on the second one, etc.1 X 100, swum as 25 L-arm back + 25 R-arm back + 25 2L/2R back + 25 back1 X 100, swum as 50 backstroke + 50 pulse breaststrokeSCRIMMAGE SPEED SET: 150 With fins, and swimming two abreast in each lane. All lanes will do this set together.6 X 25 FAST freestyle on 1:00 sendoffWARMDOWN: 200 EZ

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