UV Rays Masters Drill IMs

Sep 17, 2007
UV Rays Masters  Drill IMs

We've had an erratic practice schedule in the past month due to thunderstorms, pump failure, and start of a new school year, so today we did a practice to help get back in touch with the water. No pace clock or sprinting, just long, focused swimming.WARMUP: 400STREAMLINE SET: 1506 X 25Start each length by pushing off in streamline and holding streamline (with no kick or pull) until AFTER you pop to the surface. See how far you can go before you break streamline and come up for air. Then swim easy the rest of the length. On the 5th and 6th 25, add a quick flutter kick into breakout and swim the rest of the length.MAIN SET: 2250/1950/1150Lanes 4 & 5 do entire set.Lane 3 does 300 IMs rather than 400 IMsLane 2 does 200 IMs rather than 400 IMsLane 1 does 100 IMs rather than 400 IMs.Three rounds:400 drill IM with fins (start each length with at least 3 dolphin kicks)200 freestyle pull, breathing equally to both sides…change pattern on each round100 kick your choice50 scull (front scull on the way down…feet-first sit scull on the way back)Round #1:400 IM drills are:FL = Head-Lead Dolphin Kick on Your StomachBK = Head-Lead Flutter Kick on Your BackBR = Body-dolphin breastFR = Freestyle, focus on one goggle in water on the breathRound #2:400 IM drills are:FL = Hand-Lead Dolphin Kick on Your StomachBK = Hand-Lead Flutter Kick on Your BackBR = Body-Dolphin BreastFR = Freestyle, focus on extending front to backRound #3:400 IM drills are:FL = 2L/2R FlyBK = 2L/2R BackBR = Body-Dolphin BreastFR = 2L/2R Freestyle, focus on keeping lead hand steady and stableWARMDOWN: 1004 X 25 silent swim, focus on streamline pushoff and QUIET breakout and swimSTART PRACTICE: 3 JUMPS from the blocks, if time

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