UV Rays Masters IM Main Set

Feb 19, 2008
UV Rays Masters  IM Main Set

WARMUP: 400WARMUP/KICK SET: 2008 X 25 with finsOdds: Backstroke start fast, get easyEvens: Freestyle buildMAIN SET: 1500 + 100Lane 1 does the same set, except do 4 rounds and use fins.15 X 100 (25 kick + 50 Free + 25 strokeSwim the set as 5 rounds of:FL – FR – BKBK – FR - BRBR – FR – FL At the end of the entire set, do 100 EZ recovery.SPEED SET: 3008 X 25 with finsOdds: Fast dolphin kick under water into breakout, then EZ backstrokeEvens: Freestyle with dolphin kick4 X 25 FAST freestyle with fins, swimming 2 abreast in each laneWARMDOWN: 200

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