UV Rays Masters IM Set and Freestyle 50s with Power-Ups

May 15, 2007
UV Rays Masters  IM Set and Freestyle 50s with Power-Ups

WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 freestyle with porpoise dive(s) in the shallow endKICK SET: 3003 X 100 kick/swim by 25Kick is head-lead flutter kick on your back – 3 kicks on one side…3 kicks on the other.Swim is your choice of backstroke or freestyle, and you should use a 6-beat kick when you swim.MAIN SET: 120016 X 75 on a sendoff that gives you approximately 30 seconds restFocus: Legal turns! On Fly and Breast, as you go into each wall, try to have eyes down and both arms extended. Optional: You can wear fins on ONE of the three segments (decide by lane).Optional: You can take an extra 60 seconds rest after the first segment – go swim straight through.Optional: You can drill the Fly lengths – or do 3 strokes Fly ? Free.FL/FL/FLFL/BK/BRBK/BK/BKBK/BR/FRBR/BR/BRFL/BK/BRFR/FR/FRBK/BR/FRFL/FL/BKBK/BK/BRBR/BR/FRFR/FR/FRFL/BK/BKBK/BR/BRBR/FR/FRFR/FR/FRMAIN SET #2: 200/300/4004/6/8 X 50 freestyle, starting at the deep end. Rest interval is approx. 20 secondsStart each 50 with two “power-ups” at the wall.If you’re learning to do the flip turn, you can do these as Free down…Backstroke back.WARMDOWN: 2008 X 25 alternating 25 freestyle with 2 breaths/25 EZ choice. Fins are optional.

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