UV Rays Masters IM Set and Pull Set

Dec 6, 2007
UV Rays Masters  IM Set and Pull Set

WARMUP: 400KICK SET: 4509 X 50, alternating 2 X 50 kick and 1 X 50 swim.Try to keep the kicks and the swims on the same sendoff.MAIN SET #1: 1000With fins (lanes 4 & 5 can do no fins if you want)Four rounds of the following:25 Fly50 Back/Breast75 Back/Breast/Free100 your choice of Free or IM (choose within your lane)Legal touches and finishes! Try to stay on a 30-second base per 25.MAIN SET #2: 600/800Lanes 4 & 5 do 4 X 200.Lanes 2 & 3 do 3 X 200.Lane 1 does 4 X 100.These 200s are pull, alternating splayed fingers for 50/relaxed and open fingers for 50. Try to descend time on each 200.WARMDOWN: 200 EZ

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