UV Rays Masters Kick and IM Sets

Apr 17, 2007
UV Rays Masters  Kick and IM Sets

WARMUP: 400KICK/BREAKOUT SET: 300Three rounds of 4 X 25 on sendoff that gives you approx. 10 seconds rest. On each round:1st 25: Streamlined pushoff and pop to the surface – see how far you can go, then swim to the wall.2nd 25: Start with 10 yards underwater dolphin (stomach or side or back), then swim freestyle or backstroke to the wall.3rd 25: Start with 10 yards underwater flutter, then swim to the wall.4th 25: Choice of stroke…race-pace breakout and 2 or 3 cycle bursts, then EZ to the wall. MAIN SET #1: 1000Swim two rounds of:4 X 25 + 4 X 100 The 25s are your choice of kick on your back …Odd ones are head lead; even ones are hand lead.Odd 100s are 75 free + 25 choice (not free); evens 100s are freestyle (descend time throughout on the 100s free).MAIN SET #2: 200/400/800With fins!Lanes 4 & 5 do 8 X 100.Lanes 2 & 3 do 4 X 1004 (or 8) X 100 IM. Roll a brisk 25 from Fly through Free on #1 through #4 (and on #5 through #8 for lanes 4 & 5). Lane 1: do two rounds of 4 X 25 in IM order with fins.WARMDOWN: 2008 X 25 silent swim, choice of stroke and stroke of equipment. Take 5 bobs recovery between 25s.Total Yardage: 2700/2300/2100

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