UV Rays Masters Over-Distance

May 8, 2007
UV Rays Masters  Over-Distance

Some of our swimmers will be competing in a long-course meet next month -- swimming for the first time ever in a 50-meter pool. Did some over-distance intervals today to try to prepare.WARMUP: 400TRIATHLON SET: 1004 X 25 freestyle. First half of each length is head up/wide hand entry. Second half of each length is head in/wide hand entry.MAIN SET: 19505 X 125 freestyle with active recoveryStart each 125 from the shallow end. Get your time at the deep end, then right away push off and swim EZ/float back to the shallow end. Use the EZ 25 as your recovery. When you get back to the shallow end, start your next 125 on the next :05 on the pace clock.200 kick, IM order, no equipment4 X 125 IM on a set sendoff that gives you approximately 30 seconds restOn the first 125, the extra length is Fly. One the second 125, the extra length is Backstroke. Etc.200 kick, your choice of kick and equipment (IM is OK and it’s OK, for example, to do flutter kick or dolphin kick on a board).3 X 75 freestyle with active recovery (choice of fins/no fins within your lane)Start each 75 in the shallow end. Descend time 1 to 3, down to 85 or 90% effort on the final 75. WARMDOWN: 200

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