UV Rays Masters Sets of 3 X 50

Feb 6, 2008
UV Rays Masters  Sets of 3 X 50

WARMUP: 400FLY/BREAST SET: 25010 X 25 with fins:#1: Pulse Breast, breathe every 4#2: Fly/Breast Combo#3: 2L/2R Fly → whole-stroke Fly#4: Pulse Breast, breathe every 3 #5: Fly/Breast Combo#6: 2L/2R Fly → wole-stroke Fly#7: Pulse Breast, breathe every other#8: Fly/Breast Combo#9: 2L/2R Fly → whole-stroke Fly#10: Pulse Breast, breathe every strokeBACK/FREE SET: 25010 X 25 with fins:Odds: Backstroke, start fast and ease offEvens: Freestyle, start slow and build to fastMAIN SET #1: ???? Approximately 1500 + 200This set will start easy and end hard. You are doing a set – 3 X 50 – several times and with a tighter rest interval each time. Take a short break (about 30 seconds) between the sets to recoup and prepare. Your goal is to swim the set approximately 10 times until you can’t make the sendoff. So figure out where you might have to bail out, and count back 10 sets from that and that’s your starting point. Have fun! You can do any stroke or combination of strokes (e.g., breast down/free coming back) so long as you make the sendoff.The goal is not to blast your way through the initial sets. Your goal is to conserve your energy until you really need it at the end.3 X 50 on 1:153 X 50 on 1:123 X 50 on 1:093 X 50 on 1:053 X 50 on 1:023 X 50 on :593 X 50 on :553 X 50 on :523 X 50 on :493 X 50 on :453 X 50 on :423 X 50 on :393 X 50 on :353 X 50 on :323 X 50 on :293 X 50 on :25200 EZ recovery, choiceMAIN SET #2: 900With fins.Beginner lanes can substitute dolphin kick on your back for butterfly. You could also substitute 2 X 100 IM each time it says 3 X 100 IM.3 X 100 IM on sendoff that gives approx. 30 seconds rest3 X 100 IM take :05 off your sendoff3 X 100 IM take off another :05WARMDOWN: 200

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