UV Rays Masters Stroke Sets

Nov 15, 2007
UV Rays Masters  Stroke Sets

WARMUP: 400KICK SET: 600 + 20012 X 50 choice (Lane 1 does 6 X 50.)Every 3rd 50 is kick. Try to stay on the same sendoff for swim AND kick.The kick does not need to match the stroke that you choose (but that would be good).200 freestyle pull -- odd lengths are fingers splayed; even lengths are fingers relaxedBREAST/FLY SET: 400 + 2008 X 50 with fins Odds: Pulse breaststroke, breathe every 4… every 3… every 2… every 1 by roundsEvens: Fly/Breast Combo200 freestyle pull, breathe every 3FREE/BACK MAJOR-MINOR SET: 800 Focus is on not using your hands on the flip turns. Get the arms ready to streamline as your legs are coming over on the flip.If you don’t do flip turns, focus on getting into streamline for the pushoff and getting past the flags before you start to swim.4 X 100 on a sendoff that gives approx. 20 seconds restMajor = FreestyleMinor = Backstroke4 X 100 on a sendoff that gives approx. 20 seconds restMajor = BackstrokeMinor = FreestyleEXTRA SET FOR LANES 4 & 5: 1255 X 25 freestyle 1 to 4 are on :25 sendoffThen take an extra 20 seconds rest and do the final 25.WARMDOWN: 200Those going to the meet should do 2 or 3 starts from the blocks.

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