Valentine's Day Main Set & Playlist - February 14, 2012

Feb 14, 2012
Valentine's Day Main Set & Playlist - February 14, 2012

A red-hot cardio workout today -- the traditional Valentine's Day set for the Masters team that Barbara coaches.   This workout takes about 60 minutes, and is great for a group of mixed-ability swimmers.  It's also a good team builder.  A Valentine's Day playlist is at the bottom.   Share the love on V-Day!

WARMUP:  400

6 X 75 with fins on 1:30; each 75 is 25 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Free
#1 and #4:  Backstroke is up tempo
#2 and #5:  Breaststroke is up tempo
#3 and #6:  Freestyle is up tempo

MAIN SET:  1000
10 X 100 on 3:00
These are not all-out, 100%-effort swims.  You're aiming for your best time plus 10 to 15%.  Examples of best times plus 10-15% can be found in the accompanying PDF file.  

It's OK to switch strokes (and equipment) during the set, so long as the effort level is maintained.  Example:  Alternate 1 X 100 free with fins and 1 X 100 breaststroke with no equipment.

Number 1                                                    Goldfrapp
Love Is the Drug                                        Roxy Music
That's Amore                                              Dean Martin
If I Fell                                                          The Beatles
No Other Baby                                           Paul McCartney
I'm Yours                                                     Jason Mraz
I'm Into Something Good                         Herman's Hermits
You Sexy Thing                                         Hot Chocolate
Burning Love                                             Elvis Presley
Ain't No Cure for Love                              Leonard Cohen
Beautiful Wreck                                         Shawn Mullins
True Love Is Hard to Find                        Toots & The Maytals
Crazy Love                                                 Van Morrison
Somethin' Stupid                                       Frank SInatra (with Nancy Sinatra)
Baby You Got What it Takes                   Van Morrison & Linda Cash
Unknown Legend                                     Neil Young
Jersey Girl                                                  Tom Waits
If I Should Fall Behind                              Bruce Springsteen
Stand By Me                                              John Lennon
Can't Get Enough of Your Love Baby   Barry White
Make You Feel My Love                          ADELE

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